The Shroomers Mushroom App offers advanced features such as photo identification and offline mode.

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Mushroom Picking Companion

The Shroomers App is a great companion for mushroom picking.

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Mushroom identification assistance

Identify mushrooms via photos, characteristics, and names.

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Extensive mushroom information

Access extensive mushroom profiles covering both practical and scientific information.

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Store and sync mushroom observations

Create, edit and share mushroom observations seamlessly across devices and platforms.

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Offline mode for remote areas

Explore remote mushroom hunting grounds without the need for internet access.

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Try Shroomers for free

Try the basic version of the Shroomers Mushroom App for free.

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Mushroom App

Modern Mushroom Identification


Welcome to the Shroomers Mushroom App, a sophisticated and comprehensive tool for mushroom enthusiasts, mycologists, and foragers alike. The app is designed to revolutionize your mushroom picking experience by providing advanced features that enable you to identify and learn about a variety of mushrooms.

With cutting-edge identification features, Shroomers Mushroom App allows you to identify mushrooms via photos, characteristics, and names. Our extensive mushroom profiles contain practical and scientific information that provides a wealth of knowledge on different types of mushrooms, including edible, poisonous, rare, and wild mushrooms found near you.

The forecasting feature on the app enables you to locate where and when mushrooms probably grow in your area, making your mushroom hunting and foraging experience more efficient and successful. You can also store and sync your mushroom observations with other enthusiasts and mycophiles worldwide using our community features.

Even if you're exploring remote mushroom hunting grounds without internet access, Shroomers Mushroom App's offline mode ensures that you can access all of our features, including mushroom identification, foraging, and hunting, without interruption. It's essential to remember that mushroom identification can be challenging, and some mushrooms can be hazardous. Therefore, we strongly advise you to consult with local mushroom experts and authorities before taking any risks.

Download the Shroomers Mushroom App today and embark on a sophisticated mushroom picking adventure.


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